Our Story

The Vision Experience

The vision of what we wanted to achieve

We wanted to create The best Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices & Co-working space in Essex

When we created the “Vision” Brand back in 2016 we had a vision of what we wanted to achieve, so if we could help as many people as we could whilst building a sustainable and efficient business then this can only have a positive effect on everyone involved.


After many years of market research, we soon noticed that most business owners in the Serviced office and Co-Working arena thought of their pockets and how much money they can make, before thinking how to provide the best service possible for their clients.


As business owners, we know this has no benefit for the companies using there office space and the growing business within, and least of all the local community, so… we decided to design and create an office experience using innovation, vibrant colour schemes, positive wall-art and a work place that employers and employees will benefit from,
“Vision Co-Working”.

Vision Co-Working

is designed in zones

Free Roam Areas


Café/bar area with Free Tea, Coffee, beer on tap, prize winning prosecco, fresh fruit, unique flavoured water and best of all homemade cakes from a professional distributer.


Numerous break out areas for your staff and clients which can be used for meetings, lunch or just a coffee away from your desk.

Cigar Style Meeting Room


This room has decorative style wall art, vintage leather, ox blood chesterfield sofas, this room oozes style and professionalism and works perfectly for your more relaxed business meetings. These are available for all occupants of our Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices & Co-working space in Essex


Versatile Meeting Rooms

We really do have rooms to suit every meeting style and client.

Various Hot Desk Options


Co-Working is a social gathering of a group of people who are still working independently, but who share values, and who are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with people who value working in the same place alongside each other. You can enjoy the best Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices & Co-working space in Essex


Co-Working offers a solution to the problem of isolation that many people experience whilst working at home, and we all know that distractions from home do happen whether we realise it or not. With desks available in our communal and private areas, we have a seat for everyone.

Private office suites


These suites are surrounded by toughened acoustic reduction glass for maximum privacy, whilst allowing all natural light to flow through with ease, air condition comes as standard as does your own company logos/company branding and colour scheme so to make your office space no matter the size feel like your own and offer the best Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices & Co-working space in Essex

Teamwork – “a willingness of a group of people working to achieve a common aim”
Collaboration – “two or more people working together to reach a goal in cooperation whilst utilising one another’s attributes”
Don’t just take our word for it