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Offering an alternative working solution

Hot Desk Space for Rent in Chelmsford

We offer a unique type of coworking in Chelmsford and it’s a style of  work that involves a shared working environment, Unlike in a typical office environment, those coworking are usually not employed by the same organisation or company. Many find it cost effective and attractive working from home, we all love the company of others and appreciate the time we share with our loved ones ” Let’s not forget man’s best friend” but when it’s time to work any slight distractions can begin to take it’s toll affecting energy and productivity levels.


Coworking is a social gathering of a group of people who are still working independently, but who share values, and who are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with people who value working in the same place alongside each other.  Coworking offers a solution to the problem of isolation that many people experience whilst working at home, and we all know that distractions from home do happen whether we realise it or not.


“The future of Coworking in Chelmsford – the “office” world is changing..”


Entrepreneurs, Business owners and Professionals who are keen to act quickly to refine and grow their business have to choose carefully, and choosing the right workspace means strategically selecting the right technical infrastructure that is ideal and safe, but more importantly, working in the correct location and in a building that is also equipped with up to date systems will help your business to focus on solving problems and striving towards your financial goals, and our “Vision Coworking Chelmsford Spaces” we will certainly contribute to helping you reach your business destination,

Hot Desk Space for Rent in Barkingside


Offering both communal and dedicated Hot Desks

Amenities include:



Fibre Grade Internet

Multi-Level WiFi Hotspots

Mail Handling

Break-out Areas

Business Development Support

Phone Handset & Lines

Printer, Scanner & Copier Access


Secure Access & CCTV

Free Gym Membership

Access to Meeting Rooms

Community Events

“Before you go something to remember”


The right technology and infrastructure is vital in business and once you visit our space you will never look back, as our highly in-depth market research and subject to detail is unmistakably unique and this will become apparent when you see our modern interior design, our unique style throughout and finally the business pizazz that we have created just for you.


Coworking is a sharing of workspace whilst retaining independent activity.  It is for all in business who share the aim of making things happen by using the synergy of working alongside each other.


This is a major change in how we work and as evidenced in the key economic growth locations across world it is here and it is growing.


Vision Coworking understands the importance of this working environment and has facilities in Chelmsford successfully providing a superb coworking environment for a wide range of business ranging  from Web Design to Solicitors and from Banking to Teaching; but Vision wishes to do more.


Vision’s co-founders, Joseph Price and Robin Downey, selected Chelmsford because of its ability to grow as a city and believe the potential here is still untapped.  They aim to drive innovation, disrupt the office rental market and raise standards to help business grow and reach their own potential.


Having been monitoring business and property growth in the area for a number of years they can see the ripple effect of London is already coming Chelmsford’s way.

Fully Furnished

Business Address


Choice of Work Style

Make new contacts, meet local businesses

Our Custom Buildouts include all-inclusive amenities that are cost-effective—and meaningful. Fresh fruit, water, front-desk service, and employee events are all included. Many individuals and businesses use networking as a key factor in their marketing plan. It helps to develop a strong feeling of trust between those involved and plays a big part embracing the profile of a company and helps to bring down barriers witch are normally formed by bad experiences and heavy sales calls.

Our scalable private office solution allows you to expand your office overnight.

Giving your business a professional presence with a registered address and telephone answering.

Our Clients Include

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We are pleased to share that we have been shortlisted as finalists in the Chelmsford Business Awards 2024.


Our nomination by the public is for the ‘Professional Service Business of the Year’


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